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pytest-play support for SQL expressions and assertions

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This project defines a new pytest-play command:

{'type': 'sql',
 'provider': 'play_sql',
 'database_url': 'postgresql://$db_user:$db_pwd@$db_host/$db_name',
 'query': 'SELECT id, title FROM invoices',
 'variable': 'invoice_id',
 'variable_expression': 'results.first()[0]',
 'condition': '1 > 0',
 'assertion': 'invoice_id == $invoice_id'}


  • database_url follows the format described
  • variable_expression is a Python expression
    • results.fetchone() returns an array whose elements matches with the next row’s columns and it could be invoked many times until there will be no more rows (eg: first call (1, 'first',), second call (2, 'second'))
    • results.first() returns an array whose elements matches with the first row’s colums and it can be invoked exactly one time
    • results.fetchall() returns an array of tuples whose elements matches with the selected colums (eg: [(1, 'first'), (2, 'second'), (3, 'third')])

Fetch first


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This package was created with Cookiecutter and the cookiecutter-play-plugin (based on audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template).